Classes in this category are for any behavioral issues beyond

obedience training that your dog may be experiencing

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6-week class
Cost $175.00

Fearful dogs (those that are shy, reclusive, or introverted) are often not successful in mainstream classes. Also, owners are often told they need obedience classes which is not the case. Fear is a behavior issue, not an obedience issue. Classes that focus only on obedience will not do anything to help improve your dog’s fearful behavior. This class will focus on understanding fear in your dog, working on all types of fears, and making these dogs successful out in the world.

We will work on each dog’s individual fears; whether it is people, dogs, noises, or objects. Each dog will learn skills to help them navigate and cope with their individual fears. Humans will learn how to help their dogs become more confident and successful in life. We work on confidence building exercises, controlled greeting work with humans and dogs, navigation exercises, and much more. Come and learn what you can do to help your dog. Fearful dogs are NEVER lost causes, and they can all learn to be more confident. So, don’t give up or lose hope! 

This class is limited to 4 dogs.


6-week class
Cost $150.00

This class is for dogs that are shy, fearful, or just lack confidence.

Open to any dog unless they are fearful of people, then the trainer will evaluate. If your dog is fearful or nervous with noises, objects, movements, or is just a bit uneasy in new environments; this class is for you. We will help your fearful dog become more comfortable in their world. The trainer will teach your dog how to build confidence through games, balance works, agility, scent work and more. The class is limited to 6 students, dogs will attend all 6 weeks


Cost $185.00

This class is for dogs who have taken Reactive Dog level 1 and need to build their confidence. This class is all about fun and building confidence with our dogs. We will help your reactive dog become more comfortable in their world! This class will teach dogs how to build confidence thru games, balance work, agility, scent work, and more! Dogs come all six weeks. Class is limited to just 6 students. Pre requisite - must have taken Reactive Dog level 1.



6-week class
Cost $135.00

An impulse control class. Many dogs can not control their impulses in certain situations. This can result in hysterical barking when they see other dogs or people. Lack of impulse control can cause dogs to jump on everyone, run off, pester their owners for attention, put their paws on counters, steal things, and leash pulling, to name a few. Dogs are born with poor self-control, it is up to us to teach them! This class works on teaching dogs to be more patient, resisting urges, to focus better, and calm down. This class is for any dog 6 months and older and offers huge benefits to all dogs!


6-week class
Cost $150.00

Fearful dogs can benefit from learning how to do agility.  This class will teach them how to navigate each piece of equipment, working at their own pace.  It's a great way to have fun and build up confidence in an environment that understands the needs of fearful and shy dogs.  Either Fearful & Shy Dog Level 1 or Confidence Building Level 1 is a pre-requisite for this class.


LEVELS 1 & 2

 6-week class
Cost $195.00

This class is for dogs that show reactive behavior (barking, lunging, snarling, etc.) towards other dogs and/or humans. All dogs will begin working behind barriers in a large room, and we will work to help them develop better-coping skills when seeing other dogs. Reactivity is often a misunderstood, frustrating and embarrassing behavior for owners. But, there is much work that can be done with dogs like this. Note: If your dog shows reactive behavior towards people, an evaluation (no charge if enrolled in the class) may be required to determine if a class setting or private training would be the best option.

 The setting is carefully controlled and the class is limited to 4 dogs. The first class, (the human training) is a 2-hour class that is just for humans, and the remaining 5 weeks are with dogs, 1 hour per class.



6-week class
Cost $150.00

This class will introduce new exercises to help your pup to build more confidence than ever before! Through unique exercises that include pulling, balancing and problem solving, your dog will beam with new levels of confidence! Confidence Building level one is a pre-requisite.



 4-week class

Cost $ 100.00

Does your dog dislike having their paws touched? Maybe they pull away or growl when you, the groomer, or veterinarian is cutting their nails? Do they shy away from being brushed? or having their ears cleaned or mouth area touched? Maybe it is just overall handling and restraint?
All of these scenarios are handling sensitivities. Some dogs show signs very young and others develop these as they get older, sometimes by just one scary experience. But there is hope! Dogs can be desensitized and visits to the vet and groomer can be far less stressful for you and your dog.



6-week class
Cost $135.00

Get More Control class is for dogs that have successfully completed level one. We push the limits in this class, challenging the dogs to practice and demonstrate self-control skills. We use high distracting environments, including the outdoors.


6-week class
Cost $129.00

Teaching your dog tricks can help build confidence by teaching them to interact with novel objects and helps build their relationship and focus on you.  Teaching them to work and interact with their environment builds their confidence and overall sense of security.  Fearful & Shy Dog Level 1 or Confidence Building Level 1 is a pre-requisite to this class.


1-day class
Cost $27.00

Does your pup HATE having their nails trimmed or have handling sensitivities?  You can teach them to trim their own nails.  In this class we will use a scratch board and teach the dogs how to file their nails on the board.  This is a class for dogs of any age! There is an additional fee for this class to cover the materials need for the scratch board.