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Day training camp is a half-day of school for your pup! We take 4 dogs per "class."


We work on the following skills only and work to "proof" them for owners.


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Day training camp is a half day of school for your pup! We take 4 dogs per "class". We work on the following skills only and work to "proof" them for owners.


(dogs over 5 months):


  • Stay (stay at doors, general stays, stay for greetings)

  • Jumping

  • Loose leash walking

  • Settle / Mat work

  • Leave it

  • Come


Puppy Day Camp 

(For dogs up to 5 months in age) - *We recommend twice a week


  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Leave it

  • Come

  • Crate training (for those that need it)

  • Mat work

  • Drop it

The training will be done like a class setting with breaks in between. We will have one trainer for each dog. 


Dogs attending should be good with other dogs and able to be confined for short periods of time in a crate or behind an xpen as we rotate them for breaks / down time.  The dogs will be trained and worked with throughout the 4 hours on obedience, agility/ games and then short break times. 


Our job is to teach, reinforce and proof the skills. Your dogs job is to learn, have fun and get tired! Your job is to reinforce these at home and enjoy a better behaved dog!  We will meet with you briefly at the end of each session to review what was covered and on weeks two and four, we will meet with you for a transfer session to teach you how to work on the skills we are teaching. We will provide you a video of the skills taught for you to review as well.


Day training camp is 4 sessions of 4 hours each consecutively.  


$349.00 for 4 sessions (16 hours). If doing puppy day camp 2x a week, save an additional $75 on two packages (twice a week for four weeks)!

No makeups are available for Day Camp.


Remember only 4 spots per group so sign up now!


If your dog needs further skills taught or issues addressed, is not good with other dogs or has difficulty being confined for short periods of time, consider Drop Off and Train which is one on one training with our trainer for 12 hours at our building. Day camp is on specific days with a set grouping of skills to be taught in a class room environment. Drop off and train is done individually.

Contact us for further details. 

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