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YSU Penguin Volunteers

Involving the community with DSU!

Dogsmartz Unleashed now has a page in the PenguinPulse with Youngstown State University! This page enlists student volunteers seeking community service hours. The volunteers have a great time and find working with the dogs very interesting and rewarding. Check out some pictures below!

Impact Statement:


      "I helped future therapy dogs undergo a course miming the tests they may need to become therapy dogs. I loved doing this as it made me think of my own dog and when I was trying to get her certified as a service dog. As a pre-med student, I may even see some of them in the future in the hospitals I may work at.

    It helped me understand how much work goes into training a dog to be service ready and to watch the hiccups they may face while going through the training. I now understand how important every part of the process is, along with each person."


-Jayda S. 

Bio BACCMED student

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