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No Limitation Can Stop a Dog From Learning

Blind or deaf dogs are always welcome at Dogsmartz. We have extensive knowledge in training either deaf or blind dogs.


For blind dogs, we recommend private in-home training, as group settings can be overwhelming for a dog that is unable to see. Whether your dog was born blind, you’ve recently adopted a blind dog, or your dog has recently lost his/her sight, we can help! We teach skill sets and help to develop a plan for your dog to safely navigate his/her surroundings.

Deaf dogs can often be successful in a group class, however, we recommend private training first. Training skill sets one-on-one is easier for a deaf dog, as he/she can become overstimulated in a group setting. This can cause a struggle in learning. However, once he/she has learned some basic skills that you can use to redirect him/her, many deaf dogs can integrate into a class setting for the distraction and socialization benefits.

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