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These classes will put your puppy or dog on the right path to being a well-mannered and behaved member of your family and the community.

Call 330-707-4160

or email to register.


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"Duncan became part of my family at the age of 4 after being re-homed and spending time in a rescue group.  He was uncertain and didn’t quickly bond. We started at Dogsmartz Unleashed with obedience classes as my goal was to become a therapy dog team.  Duncan’s bond with me grew as did his confidence around other people, dogs, and environments.  Through classes at Dogsmartz, Duncan has become a Canine Good Citizen, AKC Tricks Title Dog, and Therapy Dog through Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  But more importantly, he has become a happy, fun, and amazing companion that is a joy to spend time with!  He is socially capable of being with people in new environments and has the confidence to engage in any activity with me! Duncan accompanies me to work with elementary school kids and loves everyone he meets and enhances their lives as much as they do his!! Taking classes at Dogsmartz Unleashed has truly been what has made Duncan grow into the dog he is today!!!"

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