Refund Policy
14 days or more prior to class – 100% refund
8-13 days prior to class – 50% refund
7 days or less prior to class – no refund.
No refunds once class has started.
If you are unable to attend a week of a class, we will be happy to provide you with one “make-up” class if possible. If you will miss more than one (1) week of a class, it’s recommended that you register for a different class that better fits your schedule. There are NO make-ups for Fearful & Shy Dog, Get Control, and Reactive Dog.
There will be a $45 fee for switching to a different class if done within one (1) week of originally scheduled class starting, no matter the reason for switching classes. The refund and switch fee policies apply no matter the reason, including not meeting our vaccination policy in time for the class or a positive fecal.  
PRIVATE or DROP OFF AND TRAIN – No refunds given.  There is a $50 cancellation fee for private sessions.