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At DOGSMARTZ UNLEASHED, we are committed to helping rescues and shelters. Our “Paw it Forward” movement was born from the idea that if one person could help a shelter dog, and that person could get another person to help-and so on-we could positively impact shelter dogs' lives. We believe through this ripple effect that one person can enhance the lives of many dogs.


In working with shelter dogs for over 20 years, I have always been amazed at how these dogs can make me smile. They can bring so much joy without trying. They are so forgiving of a world that has betrayed them. They can teach humans a lot about understanding, forgiveness, and moving forward. So, I wanted to create something to not only help them but to help people understand how to help. It does not mean you have to adopt one, (although that’s always a wonderful choice!) but you can help in other ways; like donating new or used items, volunteering, attending fun events held by the rescue, baking for bake sales, walking dogs, etc.

 We consistently collect items for shelters at our Poland facility. We promote and support events from our rescue partners as well as the adoptable dogs they care for. We offer special training programs at no cost to the rescue for those dogs that would benefit from them.

All of our trainers donate several hours per month to training shelter dogs.


We have many goals for this program, including partnering with local businesses to create new ways to support rescues and shelters.


We wish we didn’t need rescues and all dogs could find homes. But sadly that is not the world we live in. But, we can make a difference. We can save lives!


Join the movement, help a shelter dog, and "Paw It Forward"!


Jenny Falvey




As part of our Paw It Forward Program, we will be 
collecting Milkbone dog treats and peanut butter for the months of July & August.


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