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FREE Puppy Prep Seminar

Getting a new puppy?

Just brought a new puppy home?

Let the behavior experts at Dogsmartz help you with common puppy problems, such as:

This is a FREE class for anyone, whether you are taking a puppy class with us or not.  This is a humans-only class for just one hour. Seminars are held on the first, second, and third or last Saturdays of the month! The following is the time and location for our seminars:

May Dates

  • Saturday 5/18/24 at 7pm in Warren

June Dates

  • Saturday 6/1/24 at 10:30am in Poland

  • Saturday 6/15/24 at 7pm in Warren


Call to register!  330-707-4160

  • Housetraining

  • Crating

  • Biting

  • Handling

  • Helpful puppy tips!

Want to get started now?
Image by Jakob Owens

Puppy Socialization Class

6-week class

Cost: $105

Our Puppy Socialization Class is a 6-week class for dogs 8-18 weeks old. Our trainers help each student learn new skills such as sit, down, come, stay, and loose leash walking. We also help solve common puppy problems like biting, chewing, housetraining, jumping, crate training, and anything else you may need help with! Our trainers are highly qualified in puppy development and cognition and continue to further their education to provide you the best support possible. Our classes also include off-leash, highly supervised play, when appropriate, and critical confidence-building and exposure activities to novel stimuli. This class will also address touch and handling work, veterinary visit prep, nutrition, and preventative measures for common puppy struggles. Our goal is to help you and your puppy get started on the right paw! We help you develop a well-rounded, confident, and happy dog! Come join us as you begin your puppy journey!



Puppy Socialization Class and Beginner Obedience

12 weeks total 

Cost: $235

Are you looking to train your puppy, but want to continue training after finishing your puppy class? We have just the training package for you! Our Puppy Package includes both the Puppy Socialization and our Beginner Obedience class for a savings of $25. After your puppy finishes puppy class, you will register him/her for Beginner Obedience and the payment is already taken care of. Call our office today for more information!

Please note: You must register for each class separately. Paying for the package does not automatically enroll you in all classes.

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