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FREE Puppy Prep Seminar

Getting a new puppy?

Just brought a new puppy home?

Let the behavior experts at Dogsmartz help you with common puppy problems, such as:

This is a FREE class for anyone, whether you are taking a puppy class with us or not.  This is a humans-only class for just one hour. Seminars are held on the first and last Saturdays of the month! The following is the time and location for our seminars:

December Dates

  • Saturday 12/2/23 at 10:30am in Poland

  • *Thursday 12/7/23 at 7pm in New Wilmington

  • *Monday 12/18/23 at 5:45pm in Warren

  • *Thursday 12/21/23 at 10:45am in Poland

  • *Wednesday 12/27/23 at 5:45pm in Poland

  • *Wednesday 12/28/23 at 9:30am at Warren

January Dates

  • *Tuesday 1/2/24 at 2:30pm in New Wilmington

  • *Tuesday 1/2/24 at 5:45 PM in Poland

  • *Wednesday 1/3/24 at 5:45pm in Warren

  • Saturday 1/6/24 at 10:30am in Poland

  • Saturday 1/6/24 at 10:45am in New Wilmington

  • *Monday 1/8/24 at 5:45pm in Warren

  • *Sunday 1/14/24 at 10:45am in Warren

  • Saturday 1/20/24 at 10:45am in Warren

  • Saturday 1/20/24 at 7pm in Warren


Call to register!  330-707-4160

  • Housetraining

  • Crating

  • Biting

  • Handling

  • Helpful puppy tips!

Want to get started now?
Two French Bulldogs

Puppy Power Hour

one day, one hour

Cost: $25

An hour of playtime and exploration! Bring your puppy to help improve his/her socialization skills through exploration work and playtime. Power Hour sessions are divided by size of puppies. This is a great addition to puppy class! Current vaccines required. This is for small breed puppies ages 8-18 weeks and large breed puppies 8-16 weeks.

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