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Harmony - Best Friends for Life

Having a baby? Did you know that bringing a new baby home can be incredibly stressful for a dog, especially one that has never lived with an infant? Having a dog that is stressed with a baby can create unnecessary stress for new parents. It is often assumed that dogs will simply accept a new baby; that is not the case for all dogs. It is the owner’s job to teach a dog how to behave appropriately around an infant. It is very important to begin work early on in the pregnancy when possible to help prepare your dog for this life-altering experience.

If you are in need of this later on in the pregnancy, we can help!

Because of this, we offer a “Welcome Baby” program. It is a private, in-home, 90-minute session. The program consists of extensive desensitization to new baby smells and sounds. We will teach your dog critical new skill sets such as “leave it”, “back up”, “stay at doors”, and “off”. Along with teaching you how to introduce the baby properly and pitfalls to avoid, you will receive detailed behavior management and treatment plans to work from for the first few months. In addition, you will have access to your trainer for the lifetime of the dog for any assistance via phone, text, or email. If you decide you need an additional visit to further help with the work, we will offer training at a reduced rate. 


The cost of the “Welcome Baby” program is $200.

Repeat one-hour visit $95 (normally $125).

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