One-On-One Training

Now servicing Pittsburgh and Akron/Canton areas!

Private lessons can be done at your home or at our facility for specific behavior issues including but not limited to any type of aggression, fear, anxiety, compulsivity or even basic manners if desired. The initial private session is 90 minutes long. Based upon the information provided to us on our behavior history form, we will prepare a preliminary plan. Upon arrival, one of our highly experienced trainers will observe the situation, begin with management changes, teach new skills sets and develop a customized plan for the optimum success. After the visit, we will provide a detailed, written behavior treatment plan for you to keep and use as a blueprint to work from, sent within 72 hours via email or mailed.  With weekly updates, we will adjust the plan as needed based upon progress. You will have access to your trainer for the life of your dog via phone, text or email for any questions and/or concerns, however we may recommend an additional visit. And for certain behaviors, we will work in conjunction with your veterinarian to develop and implement the appropriate plan.  If you feel at any point you would like an additional visit, we are happy to accommodate you.

Cost for a 90-minute session


Pre-pay, multiple visit packages available

Cancellation policy: 48 hour notice required, otherwise will be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee

No refunds on private lessons.

Reactive Private lessons

Some dogs that display reactive behaviors may not be ready to enter a reactive class and would benefit from working one-on-one initially. For others, a class setting, even in the most controlled fashion, may not be suitable for them, so working individually will provide the best scenario for success. Because of this, we offer a specific private package for reactivity.

Reactive Private lessons are done at our facility. This is broken up into three (3), thirty (30) minute sessions.

Cost for 3, 30-minute sessions - $195.00 (at our facility). Multiple visit packages available.

No refunds on private lessons.

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