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Fear Free Veterinary Visits           



This seminar gives tips for veterinary visits on things you can do for dogs that are stressed when going to the veterinary clinic.  We can work on making visits stress free for our dogs!

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humans only seminar

pre-registration is required

Fee is $5

The Shock Of it All



This seminar explains the science and myths of using aversive training methods like shock collars, TENS collars, E-collars, prong collars, and choke collars on our dogs.



humans only seminar

pre-registration is required

Fee is $5


An in depth look at canine body language through postures and signals using videos and photos in a group discussion. Dogs communicate with us and other dogs constantly. They have a complex language system, understanding it helps you to become a better owner, train more successfully, and live more peacefully. This is a human only seminar.

Fee $5.00

humans only

pre-registration is required

Fee is $5

Possession Aggression:

Understanding Resource Guarding in Dogs

Does your dog grumble, snap or even bite when you try to take something away, touch their food bowl or move them while sleeping? Or if someone tries to hug you or sit near you, does your dog get snarky? Those are signs of resource guarding! Learn what the behavior is, why it happens and ways to help control the behavior. Seminar is two hours, human only.

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Dominance Theory in Dogs

- Truths and Myths

Is the dominance theory really true? Do dogs really try to dominate humans? Dominate other dogs? We will explore the truths and myths of this theory from a scientific perspective.

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How Dogs See, Hear and Smell The World

An In depth look at understanding the inner workings of a dog. Seminar is two hours, human only.

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humans only

pre-registration is required

Fee is $5

A State of Distress: Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

This is a behavior that plagues many dogs and creates distress for not only

dogs but their humans. In any case, there is help for these dogs. Learn what can cause these anxieties driven behaviors and tips to help reduce and/or resolve the responses.

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Understanding Dog Play

Play is an important part of a dog's life. To people, dog play can sometimes seem rough or not like play at all! Dogs signal constantly during play and offer lots of postures, communicating with each other that what they're doing is still play. Knowing how to read play signals will help you to know if and when to intervene. And did you know that different breeds have different play styles? We’ll discuss these play differences and teach you how to read dog play and how to know what is safe play and what is not.

Housetraining Your Pup

Learn effective and successful ways to housetrain your puppy or adult dog! No matter what age, you can housetrain them!

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Anxiety and Compulsive Behavior in Dogs

This seminar takes a look into mental disorders in dogs.  Why are so many dogs anxious?  Anxiety plagues many dogs and affects their quality of life.  And for some dogs, compulsive behaviors like spinning, light chasing, licking and more cause them and owners extreme stress.  We will explore these mental conditions and have a discussion of identifying and working with dogs that suffer from these conditions.

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Wolves Versus Dogs

An exploration into the connection between wolves and dogs and how dogs became domesticated, loyal companions to humans.

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Training Seminars for Veterinary Clinics

We are offering free seminars and workshops to help those that work in rescue, shelters, or pounds. Learn valuable skills and information to better work with rescue dogs whether in a facility or foster home.We offer techniques and programs that can help to improve their experience until adopted. Join us as we offer presentations on a variety of topics to help you and your dogs. Dogs that have found themselves in rescue can often be stressed, fearful, or aggressive. Our goal is to help you learn how to better and more safely handle them, learn about specific behaviors that often plague these dogs, and learn about ways you can make the experience better. We will provide additional resources for you to take home to help in your work with your dogs.

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